The Craft of Comics Presents World of Superheroes and Villains

Students Are Ecstatic Over the Chance to Learn

By Ebere Solomon-Egwu, Staff Writer

Hastings Entertainment and Valiant Comics are currently offering comic enthusiasts the opportunity to become skilled at their passion.

The Craft of Comics is a four-week how to workshop which offers live-streaming classes featuring some of the creative talents behind Valiants’ celebrated world of characters demonstrating their unique skills.

“We have a different person from Valiant who engages in a live audience Q&A while they go through the techniques,” Josh Davis, Hastings lifestyle manager, said. “This streams through our video system to a majority of our stores. We have more than a hundred locations across the nation.”

The Craft of Comics offer participants the opportunity to learn the practice and principles of the four key disciplines involved in becoming a comic book artist.

“Guests will be able to learn writing, penciling, inking and coloring and get into the actual technique of drawing the comic,” Davis said.

The upcoming weeks will feature “Archer & Armstrong” artist Clayton Henry, “Divinity” inker Ryan Winn and “Bloodshot Reborn” colorist David Baron.

“It sounds exciting and it will be interesting to get to see how to do the comics,” Chase Harris, Moore freshman, said

The Craft of Comics is free and open to the general public at most Hastings stores.

“The program is for anyone who is interested in comics and getting into the industry to make their own,” Davis said.  Participants will receive a free, exclusive blank Valiant and Hastings comic book they can use to demonstrate and refine their artistic abilities.

“I think its awesome that we will get to create our own superheroes,” Connor Akin, Shawnee freshman, said. “I didn’t know about it before but now that I do, I might as well go over to Hastings.”

One highlight of the program is the Valiant “I Wanna Be An Artist” contest. One winner from all page submissions will be chosen by the Valiant team and will have his or her page published in an upcoming Valiant comic.

“It’s very exciting and will offer comic lovers the opportunity to meet people with shared interests,” Kenneth Ukaga, Oakland, California senior said.

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